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We love working with our chefs and are grateful for their support, advice, and encouragement.  We highly recommend their establishments!

Wolf in the Fog

 Air Canada’s Enroute Magazine: Canada’s Best New Restaurant 2014

 “Natural Gift Seafoods has provided us with the highest quality albacore tuna I have ever worked with anywhere.  The quality of the fish, the processing and the consistency of the product are top notch.  We have used this tuna since we opened Wolf in the Fog.  Ian has been a great supplier to work with.  You can tell by the quality of the product that he is passionate about what he does.”

Nick Nutting  Chef/Owner
Tofino, BC


Wolf in the Fog - Seafood dish
Wolf in the Fog - Albacore Tuna


Canada’s 100 Best – Best Destination Restaurant in Canada 2022

Air Canada’s Enroute Magazine: Top 10 restaurants in 2019

“We have lots of great seafood on the West Coast, perhaps none more cherished than Albacore Tuna. It’s a common fish and readily available. With so many options to get it, what makes one supplier better than the other? The answer is in the care taken to respect the fish. Ian Bryce and the team at Natural Gift Seafoods take the very best care in what they do and it shows in the Tuna. The loins are consistently straight, have no blood lines, are cut clean and most importantly, never get mushy. The flesh is always firm, and stays firm after cutting. That is a point of difference few tuna suppliers can claim. I go out of my way to use Natural Gift Seafoods Tuna.“

Warren Barr Chef/Owner
Pluvio restaurant + rooms
Ucluelet, BC

Pluvio - Seafood


“Working with Ian and his family at Natural Gift Seafoods has been wonderful.  Not only are they such a pleasure to deal with, they have provided us with some of the best tuna worldwide over the years.”

Jay Sussman Chef/Owner
Tacofino Restaurants

Tacofino - Seafood and tuna


NERKA#1, Natural Gift Seafoods

“Based out of Nanoose Bay, he’s now our most trusted source for Albacore Tuna, caught in offshore waters between California and Haida Gwaii”

Lisa Ahier Chef/Owner
Tofino, BC


SOBO - Albacore Tuna