Lingcod fillets – 10 lb box


Lingcod Fillets: Individually vacuum packed, skin-on fillets. 10 lbs (3 to 5 fillets) boxed and delivered to your door.

We fish from Cape Scott to the wild West Side of Haida Gwaii to bring you these wonderful two to four pound Lingcod fillets. They are processed frozen, individually vacuum-packed, skin-on, with almost all bones removed.

Lingcod is a sweet, short-fibred delicacy, perfect simply pan-seared, deep fried for fish n’ chips, raw in ceviche, or as the centrepiece of a hearty seafood chowder or bouillabaisse.

We offer these two to four pound frozen, skin-on, mostly boneless, individually vacuum-packed Lingcod fillets. Ten-pounds (3 to 5 fillets), boxed and delivered to your door for $150.00.

Individually vacuum packed skin-on fillets. Most bones removed. Ten pounds, bagged, boxed, and delivered to your door. 3 - 5 fillets per box.

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