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A Fishing Story

Every June the warm California Current pushes up the west coast of North America. A large biomass of juvenile North Pacific Albacore Tuna forage and feed in dense schools all along the eddies and edges where the warm, clear currents meet the cold, nutrient rich coastal waters.

By mid June our boat, the 42 ft. NERKA #1, joins a scattered fleet of American and Canadian tuna boats in a vast area off northern California and southern Oregon, scouting for the newly arrived schools of North Pacific Albacore. As the season progresses the currents and the fish push north. Late summer occasionally finds us fishing off the Queen Charlotte Islands.

Finding fish in the vastness of the North Pacific is akin to playing a three dimensional chess game, where you can't see your opponent's pieces. To help the odds we communicate with a number of like-minded fishermen, and use some of the latest satellite technology to gather information that can help us fish more efficiently. In the end, though, we often rely on the ancient and reliable fish finding methods of observation; of looking for seabird activity, of scanning for jumping fish, and of monitoring water colour and temperature. Needless to say, the weather plays a big role in where we go, and how fast we get there.

As summer progresses the tuna fatten on the rich schools of squid, fish and krill that bloom in profusion along the warm/cold water interface. It is from these late summer and fall Albacore tuna stocks that we take the fish that go in to all of our Natural Gift Seafoods products. At its seasonal prime, and rich in Omega 3, this is the very finest North Pacific Albacore tuna available.

By autumn equinox the California Current, the fish, and the fleet are in full retreat back down the coast. As Hallowe'en approaches and winter weather sets in the fish scatter and leave, and the NERKA #1 heads for home.

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