Hi Everyone.  My name is Ian Bryce.  I’m the ring-master for our family business, Natural Gift Seafoods.  Thank you for checking out our new website.   We’re a commercial fishing family, with generations of commercial fishing in our history.  We’ve been selling our tuna to restaurants and seafood shops and some private customers for over a decade.  Now we bring our products, our family, and our history to you on-line. 

I’ve made my living from fishing for fifty years.  My wife Lynne’s family has fished here for generations and have fished in Japan for untold generations before coming to Canada in 1917.  Our kids Alistair and Kingsley grew up with commercial fishing.  They have taken the industry to heart, and they work hard to make their living at sea. 

We are tremendously proud of our fisheries and of our products.  We have contributed to the on-going conversations about management of the resources we fish, and of those fisheries we do not participate in.  All our fisheries are connected.  They all have cycles and are all subject to stresses, both anthropogenic and natural.  We acknowledge the challenges our fisheries face, and we do our best to work towards finding a balance within our fisheries that will see healthy stocks that allow health fisheries.

I will use this blog to tell you about us, our fisheries, the commercial fishing community, and to keep you up to date on where and what and how we are fishing.  I will be pleased to answer your questions about commercial fisheries if I can, and I will endeavour to find answers to your questions that I can’t answer.

Keep an eye on this space.  I look forward to hearing from you.  I hope to be your window into our industry, and to provide some insight into just what the heck those guys do out there, far over the horizon, that puts fish on your table.

Best regards.  Be safe out there.